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Software Engineer & Researcher
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Hi! My name is Luciano Remes. I love doing Security and Systems Research, specifically relating to fuzzers and distributed systems. Currently I'm a Software Engineer at Palantir Technologies.

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about page to learn a bit more about me. My blog posts has my thoughts and experiences on a variety of tech related topics like internships, programming languages, and research. If you'd like to stay up to date on what I'm working on, I exclusively post about tech and career on Twitter.

Tech Recommendations of 2022/2023:

  1. Nix: I use Nix Darwin on my macbook system and have tried NixOS on my main computer. It alleviates one of the biggest pain-points of configuration managements for me and it's been a godsend for building a stable system. However, I'm yet to be convinced to use it as a full replacement for my main system.
  2. Tailscale Tailscale is essentially a new networking layer that allows you to connect servers and create arbitrary networks between machines. And yes, that means you can make a VPN with it. Super easy and it costs nothing.
  3. Fly is a IaaS cloud company with a clean CLI util that fully integrates with their systems, it makes it exteremely easy to spin up new infrastructure with a simple script and manage it all from your command-line. The pricing is decent for its services.


Email: cybergenik at gmail dot com

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