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My name is Luciano Remes. I'm currently studying Computer Science at the University of Utah, doing Research in the

FLUX Research Group under Professor Robert Ricci on the topics of Systems and Security with a focus on Fuzzers.

Check out my about page to learn a bit more about me and what I'm currently up to, or my blog posts for my thoughts and experience as I traverse the tech world on things like internships, work-life balance, and interesting software. Follow me on the socials below, if you'd like to contact me, I respond best to email.

Tech Recommendations of 2021:

in order of impact

  1. neovim: Earlier this year I started using nvim, actually digging deep into it and customizing it - I was astonished to say the least. I was previously just a regular VIM user, most of the time I would use vim with only a few plugins or just use a text editors vim keybindings. But until I actually started to use NeoVim is that I discovered the speed and the productivity increase in my own workflow.
  2. McFly: This has been one of the most useful apps that I started using in 2021, it replaces your ctrl-r with a custom intelligent search engine that does more efficient sorting and has a little neural net running that determines whether the command you're trying to run is relevant on a bunch of different factors.
  3. tldr: You ever forget that one flag for that one command? Yes, me too! tldr gives you a bit of information on the use of any command you give it, not only GNU/Linux commands, but also common commands like helm or docker, super useful. And it's all community maintained.
  4. gotop: Yes I know, yet another terminal based graphics program. No it's actually cool! it's like htop, but better. I just like the gui better and it looks nice, also it's also on MacOS which is a plus



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