I was born and raised in Burbank, California - to Roman-Catholic immigrant parents, although I never took too well to going to church, I still retain some of the cultural values. I learned a lot about hard work and dedication from both of them. After I graduated high school I found my way to Salt Lake City, UT (where I currently am) to study Computer Science with an emphasis in Game Design after my brother had convinced me that the University of Utah was a good University for Computer Science. After working a bit in industry I realized my interest was more with Systems, Security, and Infrastructure. Currently I enjoy doing research on new Operating System innitiatives and Fuzzers while working on my undergrad thesis on Web Assembly Fuzzing with the FLUXresearch group.


Throughout my exploration into software, both in academia and in industry, I hope to drive innovation through focused research on Operating Systems and dedicated systems engineering. I've had the pleasure to work in industry since I was 18, having worked from local tech start-ups to big financial institutions like Goldman Sachs. And more recently I was offered an opportunity to intern this summer 2022 at Amazon. I currently work in research of new approaches to fuzzing Web Assembly and have had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing researchers and engineers. I've been fortunate to develop intuition and knowledge through such experiences that I can use for the advent of prosperity and exciting futures.

Most of all, I want to push the boundaries of what we know. I want to inspire others to do the same and work with me to make grander goals more achievable. Because of the nature of my research and work, I tend to work on what you might call the “behind the scenes” of it all. But without finding more efficient low latency distributed systems, we can't have a colony on mars; without a strong test-bed of fuzzing tools, we can't guarantee safety in the new advents of autonomous vehicles. My hope is to develop a spiritual successor to Linux, not necessarily a new Operating System, but software that will be at the underpinning of the modern tech marvels. All built on the shoulders of Open Source and introspection into the modern tech ethos. Simply, I want to help in the making of a better and more exciting future, and maybe have a little fun along the way.

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I had been using several different IRCs by the time I was 14. But it all started when I was 12, I became engulfed in the online gaming scene joining different forums about game development and game design, which slowly lead me into programming. I found myself really interested in how we made computers do what we wanted them to do.

Eventually I started using Linux after a certain user in a new Debian IRC had mentioned a new release for an Operating System that was "revolutionary", and it had all this new software to make the linux desktop better, and a new web view software called Oxide. Knowing nothing about these things I asked if he could show me how to install this "Ubuntu" thing. For the next 4 hours (I don't why... lol), he proceeded to show me the Ubuntu install page and walked me through how to dual-boot it on my old Dell desktop family computer, and taught me how to use the apt package manager. My dad was angry at me to say the least because he thought I had ruined the computer, but since he didn't use it himself that much he just told me to "fix it", which was fine since it wast just a dual-boot. I had installed Ubuntu 14.04 - Trusty Tahr, which I remember just sounding like a super hero name where the both words begin with the same letter. The logo looked cool and I think this was what initially drove me to use it and explore it more, ontop of the fact that I felt guilty that this stranger had just spent 4 hours on an IRC helping me install it.

Ever Since then I've been using Linux as my main Operating System, only switching back to windows (dualboot or virt) to game. Fast forward a couple years, I consider myself a linux power user. I enjoy exploring new software and the freedom of customizability that linux gives me. This is what my linux journey looked like:

Ubuntu -> Debian -> Arch -> Manjaro -> Gentoo -> Void -> Arch -> Debian.

Which is quite the journey so far. But now we arrive at my current system:


I don't use a desktop environment, I prefer to use a heavily riced window manager called awesome (AWM). As you can tell from the neofetch I also use urxvt as my terminal, mostly becuase I find it to be small, performant, and best of all - highly customizable. I try to use (as much as I can) suckless software, as I align with their philosophies. I've tried to keep my system lean, however as you can tell from the package count, I like to download a bunch of tools that I don't end up removing from my system. Although to my defense I use most of them to some extent at different times in my life.


I like to update my blog as much as my free time will alow me, and I treat my blogs as a candid place to express ideas. Think of it as just a brain dump of what I'm thinking at the time, and most of them are just from my experiences interacting with the crazy world of tech that has given me everything I have now. I accept I will probably be wrong at times, but through error is the path to betterment.

All opinions expressed are my own, and no one elses (including, but especially my employer). If I have anything new happening I'll probably put it in the home page (like a new blog post). Otherwise besides from my blog posts I enjoy also exploring new tech and tools, so I'll drop recommendations here and there in the home page from time to time.

Here are some stats on my blog posts:

Average word count

Total words: 2717

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Total read time: 11 mins

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Total words: 2717


I sometimes like to stream on Twitch, usually just random things like homework or projects. The last thing I did on stream was AOC 2021, I finished up to day 11 (github) right when they came out:

I unfortunately had to stop doing AOC this year because it just happens to be right when I'm having my finals and other time consuming research tasks.

I'll occasionally post things on Twitter, although usually I'm a pretty casual twitter user: