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The Creator

Date published: 19-Feb-2024
1 min read / 190 words
Author: Luciano Remes
Blade Runner

What is a creator?

A founder, an architect, a painter?

Someone who creates?

A creator is vigilant of flaws in the world, they drive him mad, but evince opportunity; A creator is crafty, not knowing everything gives the subtle gift of ignorance to the impossible; A creator is symbiotic, for every great construction takes the labor of many; A creator is a visionary, clear on the mission, he weaves reality from a dream; A creator seeks truth and beauty, both in the form of his creation and in its tangible function; Most of all, A creator has divine intuition, a feeling for the how, grounded on the why.

A creator is NOT a peacock.

Behold, a captured bird without a net; A peacock, forever grounded, forced to pick insects out of the muck. Consoling itself with its beautiful plumage; It's feathers, a simple vestige, just an extravagant display; Useless in function, yet beautiful in form. Unable, to ever take flight.

A creators greatest fear is to be a peacock, Shackled by useless beauty, Thrashing for greatness, Not knowing he’ll never fly.

His existence diluted into nothing; Like tears in rain.