Date published: 12-Nov-2020
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Python Package

KronoPI is a simple Python Package that serves as an RNG, and a seeder for RNG systems.

Generates 4 random numbers based on users current date and time from digits in

PI. It uses the Chudnovsky PI derivation algorithm, to generate PI up to the Nth number with high - but not perfect precision. This allows for the derivation to be done extremely quickly. It's faster than most RNG seeders.

Code that generates the PI derivation:

#Setting Decimal number to compute pi to
getcontext().prec = 200
pi = D(0)
# D is Decimal!
for k in range(self.MAX):
pi += D(math.pow(16, -k)) * (D(4/D(8*k+1)) - D(2/D(8*k+4)) - D(1/D(8*k+5)) - D(1/D(8*k+6)))

why is it called KronoPI?

Named after the Greek God of time Kronos, and PI for PI.

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